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From writing advice & tips/tricks to what's happening in my life & published pieces, my blog is a compilation of random musings.

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Project manager by day/writer by night, making it happen from the Midwest. DMB enthusiast, coffee addict, & lover of music.

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Latest Musings

The Importance of Creative Side Projects

There are so many advantages to having a side project, especially if it’s something that pulls out your creativity. I love my job. I truly do. But my job doesn’t define me, nor is it what my life revolves around. To stay sane, I freelance and work on a couple of...

Why I Journal

Keeping a journal has been an essential piece of my writing process, since the moment I became a writer all those years ago. Putting the pen on the page and letting my thoughts spill out before me is not just comforting, but helpful – even if I am just doodling or...

I Took A Social Media Detox… Should You?

Over the last decade, it’s no secret that social media has wildly grown and become an essential piece of our daily lives. There are SO many pros to using a social media network, like connecting with friends, co-workers, family, or meeting awesome new friends. We can...

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