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Nicole Mathew

Writer // Editor

Nicole has been writing since childhood. She is a melomaniac who feeds her soul by composing poetry, prose, and fiction. Nicole’s work as an editor for a small literary collective, The Geeky Press, is featured in two volumes of Hoosier Lit and in the anthology Dear America. Additionally, her writing has been published in genesis, the student-run literary and art magazine of IUPUI and the VINAzine, an online publication geared toward Millennial and GenZ women. Nicole earned her BA in English (Writing & Literacy) from Indiana University and currently resides in the Midwest. 

Nicole’s Substack – vibe with me – is now considered to be the home of her musings.

Please join her on this long, strange trip by connecting with her via Substack or on BlueskyMastodon and a few other networks. ✌️