In honor of World Poetry Day and the celebration of Spring, I wanted to share this poem I wrote a couple of years ago. Collecting dust in an old blog and journal, I felt it would be better-served if I posted it here.

vernal equinox

spring out of
winter, let the
sun’s warmth fill
your soul up
with the dawn
of this brand
new day. it
makes your heart
rejoice, clearing out
the thoughts that
have been collecting
dust in the attic
of your mind.
letting the bitterness
of this dreary
season wash away,
just as the
blanket of snow
disappears, leaves the
bare earth exposed,
anxious for the
daffodils to bloom.
thoughts are pushed
out – bullied so
far back that
they instantly become
a distant memory.
empty, bottomless thoughts
have gone away.
you find the
dark winter vanished,
with a fresh
season in bloom.
not looking back
provides every reason
to move forward
as the seasons
begin to change.

Did you pen anything for World Poetry Day? Share it by putting it or a link to it in the comments section. And get prepared, because National Poetry Month begins in just over a week. Happy writing!