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Random Things to Know:

  • Music is life. And therapy.
  • Coffee addict & Dave Matthews Band fanatic.
  • I am starstuff. (So are you!)
  • Planted in the Midwest, dreaming of the beach life.
  • Partner of The Geeky Press.
  • Associate/Coordinating Producer of a few podcasts.
  • Friends and family call me Nikki, Nolie, or Panda.
  • Twitter fiend. (no seriously, #LoveTwitter.)

About Me:

Hello! I’m Nicole, a writer living in the Midwest. I am proud to call the Indianapolis area home for more than a decade. I have written since my pre-teen years. My journals then, filled to the brim with the stories of my adolescence; they detailed my obsession with boys, the latest drama with my friends, and had poetry, songs, and prose sprinkled throughout. Sometimes I wonder where those journals ended up… but then again, the past is best kept where it exists. Wouldn’t you agree?

Fast-forward a handful of years (quite a few, actually) and you’ll find writing is still my passion. Today though, my journals contain notes on my writing process (or the struggles I face while writing), poetry, lines, random thoughts, and ideas for my novel. Oh, and notes for my memoir. Writing has been a part of my life for much longer than it has not. I find it therapeutic, calming, intriguing, and challenging. Writing has always been there for me. I find comfort in writing my feelings down on pages of random notebooks. I enjoy the continuous labor of honing my craft. I know… I am a glutton for punishment, what can I say? The feeling I get when I think of something new to write or create is comparable to the feeling when I finish a piece is freeing.

I can honestly say I would not be the writer I am today if it weren’t for my education. I graduated from Indiana University with a BA in English (Writing & Literacy). I have been fortunate to study under some fantastic writers, literary geniuses, and life-changing instructors. I also began working toward an MA in English, to teach composition, but life happened and that has been put on hold for the time being.

Aside my educational focus on and passion for writing, studying literacy and its evolution has always intrigued me. Especially when considering technology as a factor, because it has actually evolved into its own form of literacy. I blog about this concept from time to time.

The Geeky PressI also owe some major points to the writing group I joined last year, for keeping me motivated. It’s a chill group of writers who meet a few times a month, when we can. In February of 2016 I became a partner. I participate in and help plan/organize The Downtown Writers Hack events and the one-day and weekend writing retreats. Check out all the upcoming events on The Geeky Press Meetup Group page. You can also like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter to stay up to date. Check out our website for more information!

During the winter of 2016, I became involved with one of my favorite podcasts, The Bevs. Officially, I’m the Bev Behind the Bevs. When The Bevs went on creative hiatus, I was recruited to help with Emotionally Broken Psychos (a Plz Advise spinoff) as the Associate Producer. I help with things behind the scenes on Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?, which launched in August of 2016. For each, I assist with things behind the scenes, like social media and website content management, listener engagement, and more. Give ’em a listen – more information is listed below, including how to find each online and listen/subscribe via iTunes.

THE BEVS, co-hosted by Ariana Madix and Meredith Kate, is a podcast about friendship, feminism, and fun. Each episode features a guest who brings stimulating conversation and keeps it 💯, whether discussing the state of politics or how much one adores Star Wars.

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Emotionally Broken Psychos (a Plz Advise spin-off) is the podcast that dissects your favorite reality TV shows in a quest for self-improvement… or as we like to think of it, where displacement meets LOLs. Hosted by Molly McAleer, the host of Plz Advise and co-founder of HelloGiggles.

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Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast? is the only podcast that breaks down Lifetime Original Movies, one per week. New episodes each Sunday. Come for the commentary, stay for the LOLs. Hosted by Molly McAleer of Plz Advise and co-founder of HelloGiggles.

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