Create. Freshen. Revise. Repeat.

Is a poem ever complete? This question is one I have struggled with through most of my years of writing poetry. As much as I love revision, it’s worth locking things away or sending them off as complete, because I might go back in and change things again. I have works I considered final at one point or another, only to find myself revising it yet again, years after the fact. I learned that it is okay to do that with poetry; however, we must come to a point where we feel it is time to share with peers and colleagues. Most of the poems I have posted here are considered complete – but I cannot guarantee that a year or ten from now that will still be the case.

A few years ago, I began to assemble a tool a toolkit of sorts that is comprised of tips, tricks, and suggestions from poets I have read over the course of my education, to help my poetry become more complete. In this toolkit, aside from revision techniques, I have added ways to draw more substance with my words, by way of freshening language and creating vivid, tangible images for my readers.

Now that I have the basics for this toolkit, I can take a better look at my work after the fact to see if I created a better poem by following the advice of my peers and the experts. A mantra I use when composing poetry goes like this: “Create. Freshen. Revise. Repeat.” It gets me through the process from start to finish. (more…)

Extra Life – Benefiting Children at Riley

Each year, my boyfriend dedicates 24 hours of a weekend to play video games to help raise money for children at Riley Hospital. Except this year, on November 2nd, it’s 25 hours! The charity is called Extra Life, and they are amazing! If you can, please donate. If you need a better reason than helping kids in need… it’s tax-deductible!

Donations are set at $1/hour, and please don’t feel obligated to donate more than you can. I recommend donating $25 for the 25 hours he will be playing video games. Any donation amount is helpful, though. If you can’t donate, we completely understand. These kids will really appreciate and benefit from it. Oh, did I mention that this tax-deductible?

Click HERE to learn more and watch a video about the cause. Help us help the kids at Riley!

I can speak on a personal level about this, too – my best friend’s nephew was in Riley hospital for the first 5-6 months of his life, and since he has been home (he just turned 3 this past August and his family is exploring communication devices so he can finally show the world just how smart he really is), he has flourished! Without the help of Riley in those first few months, his parents and family would not have had the training to take care of him on their own.

Thanks in advance for your support. If you’re in the Indy area on November 2, we invite you stop by our place. We’ll have food and games going all day! Kids are more than welcome too, as we have many interactive video games to play, like Kinect Adventures and various Wii U games that kids would love!

Feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested in either stopping by to play games and/or donate to the cause. Thanks again, and I love you all! :)


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