Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

For Writer Wednesday, I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back with you. As always, feedback is encouraged!

Make Yourself

Make yourself – no one else can. Run away
if you must, with intentions to move
forward, never looking back. Let your dreams
be snatched away. Kiss love goodbye
by not abandoning future endeavors down a
heart-bursting path. Compose your life
in a single line, only to live by those words.
Know it is okay to disappear.

Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Thunderstorms have always helped get my creative juices flowing. Lucky for me, a nice storm came passing through this evening. I was inspired by this and Writer Wednesday to pen some poetry. Enjoy. :)

Thunder roars above,
lightning streaks across the night sky,
Rain begins to fall.

Listening to rain
slowly hitting the pavement
relaxes my mind.

The sky opens up
for a midsummer cool down,
providing comfort.

The rain drops heavy
while the wind picks up a notch,
Clearing out our troubles.

Thunder and lightning,
dark clouds hover above us.
Rain drenches the earth.

This is for my dMb family.

This is for my dMb family.

Dearest dMb family,

I wrote this prosy poem last semester, and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy, and I can’t wait to see some of you on the next tour.

Peace, Love, and dMb forever!

Seek Up An Emotion

The melody floats above the crowd, creating an audible sculpture that drenches the earth with love. The bass keeps us pulsating, and the strings slide with such grace. While the snare echoes in the fog, the Taylor drips with deep emotion. A mellow note from the saxophone softens the mood. Coming together, they fill the souls of “five billion proud.” Letting the music flow through our veins, the dancing silhouettes become one shadow. At this moment, our lives are suddenly swept away.

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