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Writing & Editing Services

So... What do I get if I schedule a consultation?

In short, you’ll receive writing and revision advice from a trained professional. During the consultation, we will chat about writing style, your concerns about your writing, and any questions that may arise during our conversation. In addition, I will help you with polishing your grammar and punctuation use, spelling, tone, and more. We will go over your document in detail, page by page; or we can simply look at the areas of your document that are most important to you. It’s your writing – I’m just here to help you improve.

How do I pay?

Payment is currently only accepted through PayPal, to protect us both. Account information will be given when you begin scheduling your consultation. If you are a company that hires independent contractors, I will provide a W9 form. Please contact me for more information.

What is your payment policy?

Payment in full is required when scheduling your consultation. At this time, sessions or packages cannot be pro-rated.

Can I schedule a shorter consultation?

Generally, it’s best to schedule an hour consultation to ensure there is time to answer questions or go into detail about your document or project. I’m flexible; let me know your needs and I will do my best to accommodate.

Random Fun

Which podcasts do you produce?

I am a Coordinating Producer for several shows. The two main shows are hosted by Molly McAleer, co-founder of Hello Giggles and writer for the show 2 Broke Girls. Those shows are: Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast? (including Twelve Months of Christmas, our Patreon-exclusive show) and Emotionally Broken Psychos (which includes 4 shows within that network – Feathers In My Hair, The Smush Room, and our Patreon-exclusive show Spelling, T). I got my start in podcasting by working as an Associate Producer on The Bevs, which was hosted by Ariana Madix (of Vanderpump Rules) and Meredith Brace Sloss. More are on the way, so stay tuned!

What are you listening to?

So many things! I alternate between podcasts and music while working. I’m obsessed with Dave Matthews Band and love rock in general (from classic to alternative). I’m always caught up with my favorite podcasts: My Favorite Murder, Plz Advise, Criminal, Sexy Unique Podcast, Babe?The Writer’s Digest Podcast, and many more!

Which season is your favorite?

Weeds: Season 3. Sons of Anarchy: Season 2. Vanderpump Rules: Season 2… oh, I guess this could mean seasons of the year, too. This is a toss up between summer and fall. Summer is when I get to see DMB and so many great friends from all over the country. Fall is delightful for the weather and cozy feelings!

What are you currently writing?

I’m always working on nonfiction and poetry. I’m also working on a novel (fiction); it’s slow-going because fiction is not my genre by nature, but I’m not going to give up! Feel free to send any advice and positivity my way. :)

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